Branding to us is beyond the outer look of what we have to offer it is rather in the quality of our services

Branding to us is more centrifugal than centripetal. We strongly believe that the quality of our products and services is more important than the way we try to present it. Although we do not take lightly the modality of presentations of what we do but our emphasis has always been in the quality of what we have to offer.

We offer proactive rather than a reactive approach to image making creating a solid foundation of each companies and organisations we work with on values and lasting principles rather than the outlook which are ephemeral without a good quality content to maintain the outlook.


We help look inward to create values upon which your initiatives are built, we help you look inward to define the Vision and Mission of the initiative, the core values and then help define how to sell this to the world.

  • We can answer common questions on Branding
  • We can demonstrate Branding affects your products or services
  • We can discuss neccesary things to put in place in Branding your products or services

At SEGKOF we are deliberate about everything that represents the image of your business or initiative which is why the colour combination of your business, the shapes employed in the design of your logo, the lettering and more are chosen to match the Vision, Mission and Core Values of your business initiatives.