Tosin Adeuti SEGKOF CEO
Adeuti Oluwatosin

Chief Executive Officer

Oluwatosin Adeuti is the lead mind and one of the initiatives behind SEGKOF. She is a business mind with good interpersonal relationships. A graduate of Environmental Science but her motivation for business masterminded her beauty and make-over outfit YANTOS BEAUTY. She has a great business mind.

She believes strongly in the place of strong character in building a good business as the client of each company are going to be relating with people employed by the company. She believes good interpersonal relationship and good character can be the bedrock on which this every business can thrive which is why she encourages good dressing and confidence.


Tosin is a graduate of Environmental Health, she served in Ibadan where she was a member of the Ministry of ENvironment monitoring unit.

Professional Life:

She started as a makeup artist in 2014 and has since grown her technical skills in interpersonal relation, business development, and impact tracking. She joined SEGKOF in 2021 and has since been a brain in propelling the goal of our initiative with her good leadership and interpersonal skills



Interpersonal Relationship


Quality Control




She believes a simple smile can tell about the business each individual represents as demeanor at work can shape how your client views your business when they see and relate with you as a representative of the business.She preaches each person loving what they do and doing with passion.