Segkof Reviews:

If you want to give your business an unfair advantage with ad creatives personalized for your brand, and generated by highly trained artificial intelligence, then keep reading.

First, let me tell you about AdCreative, and then I will tell you how to get a $500 free Google ads credit.

1. What Is AdCreative? is A.I based image designing platform for social and search ads, which lets users generate high-converting ad creatives or images quickly with the help of their artificial intelligence in a few minutes.

AdCreative is an A.I-powered automation platform that converts your creatives into visually appealing banners.

The platform’s machine learning model adjusts to the evolving requirements of users to provide them with the most effective banners to boost their conversions.

The no data-driven approach adopted by the tool has played an important role in helping users increase their conversions by a significant percentage. The software understands the user’s brand and takes that into account while creating attractive visual banners.

All in all, the platform generates amazing creatives that help users convert, save time, and valuable resources.

2. Vendor Information

3. Key Features segkof
  • Trained AI

The tool’s machine learning model adjusts, improves, and offers the most trendy creatives an approach to help clients increase their conversions.

  • Better conversions

The tool is designed to help startups, e-commerce players, and marketing agencies boost their conversion rates.

  • Scalable

Whether users want to create 1 creative or more than 10,000 creatives each month, the platform is designed to fulfil your banner and creative requirements.

  • Collaboration

Users can invite over 25 users to use the platform and generate amazing creatives using the same account.

  • Unique designs

The platform’s AI has a great sense of understanding of a user’s brand colours, fonts, and other designs that are in line with their branding requirements.

4. Features Overview

  • Display
  • Bulk editing
  • Creative optimization
  • Campaign dashboard
  • Batch uploading
  • Media capabilities
  • Brand safety
  • Workflow capabilities
  • User, role, and access management
  • Customization
  • Enterprise scalability

5. Pricing


Price: $29 per month


  • 1 brand
  • 100 credits
  • Google and Facebook integration
  • Unlimited generations
  • Text generator AI
  • Image search engine
  • 1 user


Price: $59 per month


  • Up to 2 brands
  • 200 credits
  • Google and Facebook integration
  • Text generator AI
  • Image search engine
  • 2 users


Price: $149 per month


  • Up to 5 brands
  • 500 credits
  • Google and Facebook integration
  • Image search engine
  • 5 users


Price: $299 per month


  • Unlimited brands
  • Unlimited credits
  • Unlimited generations
  • Google and Facebook integration
  • Text generator AI
  • Image search engine
  • 10 users

6. Pros and Cons


  • The platform’s interface is neat, clean, and very user-friendly.
  • helps users save valuable time by generating AI-powered ad creatives and banners.
  • The onboarding process is very smooth and does not require a lot of back and forth.
  • The integration options are great and allow users to integrate with third-party applications.
  • The tool’s machine learning model does an excellent job of taking into account a brand’s design guidelines to generate engaging banners.


  • At times, the creation process is longer than desired, which can affect productivity and efficiency.
  • The platform offers very few templates that are not compliant with Facebook’s advertising policies.
  • Some users have said that generating ads can be a bit slow on some occasions.
  • Very few downloads are allowed for lower-level plans.
  • The platform does not save your work as you go. A lot of users have lost their work even after clicking on the Save+Continue button.

7. Integrations

  • Facebook
  • G Suite
  • Zapier

8. Specifications

Free Trial — Yes

Free Version — No


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-based

Devices supported

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Web-based


  • Live online
  • Documentation
  • Webinars
  • Videos

Watch AdCreative Tutorial Below

9. pricing plans

  • Starter: $29 per month
  • Premium: $59 per month
  • Ultimate: $149 per month
  • Unlimited: $299 per month

10. Typical customers

  • Small businesses
  • Medium-sized businesses
  • Large businesses

11. Languages supported

  • English

12. support

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Live chat
  • FAQs

13. Alternatives

  • StackAdapt
  • AdRoll
  • Marin Software
  • Celtra
  • Google Marketing Platform
  • Zeta
  • Basis
  • Criteo
  • Choozle
  • Verizon Media DSP

14. How To Get A $500 Google Ads Credit From AdCreative

It is simple. AdCreative is giving $500 free Google Ad credits to all its users.

So, all you have to do is open an account, and become a user and they will give you a reward.

To JOIN AdCreative & Collect $500 worth of Google ad credit CLICK HERE

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I will make a commission if you click on these links and ultimately make a purchase.

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